Observe your Sabbath Day

Preparing for our Diocesan Assembly
on the 24th of November 2012
Reflecting upon “Dies Domine”
Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II

“The Lord’s Day (as Sunday has been called from Apostolic times) has always been accorded special attention in the history of the Church because of its close connection with the very core of the Christian story.” (Dies Domine DD4)
We keep Sunday holy because on this day each week we re-celebrate the Easter mysteries: The Lord’s Day is the lord of all days! For this reason our Diocesan Assembly on November 24th invites us to focus on how we keep Sunday in our families, in our diocese. These weekly reflections between now and then will invite us to ponder The Lord’s Day using a letter Pope John Paul II wrote in 1998.

For Reflection This Week:
  • How did you spend last Sunday?
  • How has Sunday changed for you over the years?